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Connexion technique

219, 37 rue St-Georges, Canada (QC) G5Y-0C7


Phone: 418-227-0290


Manufacturer and designer of electrical / electronic equipment & supplies various components.









219, 37 Rue, St-Georges Canada (Qc) G5Y 0C7  

Phone: 418-227-0290


This is the best solution to avoid a rust into your investissement. Electrical anode is more efficiency and durable.

stopping rust into the hot reservoirstopping rust into the hot reservoir







Through the time, the anode disappeared and she let the rest of the corrosion to the bottom of reservoir.
The goal of this technology is to protect the metal wall of corrosion and afterwards the bad smell caused by the reaction with magnesium.


Anode neuve et une en fin de vieAnode neuve et une en fin de vie how to install